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Green Aventurine~ HEALING GOOD LUCK~ Essential Oil Infusion Bracelet

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Green Aventurine is a crystal of luck, prosperity, healing and more. Wrap yourself in loving and emotionally soothing energy as you wear this essential oil bracelet. Open and strengthen your Heart Chakra with Green Aventurine to inspire success, optimism, and new opportunities. We invite you to create a daily ritual of infusing your intention into this strong and supportive crystal bracelet using the positive energy of essential oils.

Infusion Jewelry is a mindfulness tool that you can wear, hold in prayer or meditation, lay on your body to balance your Chakras and remind you of your intentions. This jewelry supports you in creating peace among the chaos of daily life by giving you a constant connection to nature.

Our hearts and intentions in creating this high-vibrational jewelry is to change the world- by giving you a gorgeous tool to keep your Chakras, and life, balanced, aligned, open and flowing.

We lovingly created the Chakra Oils to infuse your jewelry and keep your Chakra wheels of energy flowing strongly. We use the highest quality essential oils. The carrier oil is a blend of organic grapeseed oil, which absorbs and moisturizes your skin and organic coconut oil. We choose that specific blend so you can roll it on your body to open and balance your Chakras. Every Chakra label offers suggestions where to roll it on your body to love up your Chakras and infuse into your jewelry. To energetically connect the Chakra bracelets to the matching Chakra oil, we’ve added a few crystal beads to each 5ml roll-on. Each roll-on has a sticker of the Sanskrit symbol of the Chakra for a pop of color and boost of intention.

Each bracelet is energetically cleansed and blessed before shipping. Please choose a size that will fit without being tight or too loose. The wooden diffuser beads are meant to touch your skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR INFUSING YOUR BRACELET: Run the roll on around your palm 1- 4 times, then rub your jewelry between your palm in a circular motion. Or apply 1- 3 drops of high quality essential oil directly and gently rub in. Wood beads will darken with use. Apply more oil every 24 hours or as needed.

Heart is our Fourth Chakra

In Sanskrit it's Anahata meaning immaculate, unspoiled, unhurt.

Location: chest and middle back

Color: green, naturally calming and healing.

Represents: Love, Openness, self-acceptance and acceptance of others. Uniting, a bridge between body, mind and spirit. Encapsulates the heart, thymus, lungs, breasts. Awakening to spiritual awareness, forgiveness and service.

Balanced: love, interconnectedness and compassion. Balance of self- love and love for others. Empathy, wisdom and emotional balance. Healthy relationships with family, friends and pets.

Imbalanced: co-dependence, criticizing, grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, hatred, harboring hurt feelings.

Essential Oils: Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Melissa, Orange, Rose, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang

Chakras are 7 invisible wheels of energy that keep us healthy and vibrant. Chakra literally means “wheel” in Sanskrit. It’s a swirling wheel of energy where matter meets consciousness- or Prana, our vital life force. Chakras correspond to massive nerve centers, major organs as well as our emotional, spiritual and psychological states of being. You want the Chakras to be spinning strongly and in alignment. Awareness is the key to keeping the harmonious flow.

How to Balance Chakras:

  1. Breathe Deeply with intention. Direct your breath to a Chakra, exhale and allow awareness to settle in.
  2. Creative visualization- Envision drawing up energy from Earth as you inhale. Visualize your Chakra as a wheel spinning or flower opening.
  3. Essential oils add the energetic frequency of nature (plants) to raise the vibration of your Chakras. Inhale the scent of an essential oil that is in alignment with the Chakra you’re working on as you breathe deeply and visualize.
  4. Crystals offer a visual perception of the vibrations in each Chakra through color. Wearing colors of the Chakra you’re working with or a piece of jewelry with corresponding crystals increases the intention to open and balance that Chakra

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