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Infusion Essential Oil Chakra Bracelets

Custom Blended Essential Oil Chakra Roll-On





Root & Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Roll-On

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This unique, high-vibrational blend inspires an earthy, sweet-n-spicy, super-grounding effect on your mind, body and Soul – designed to help you to feel safe and strong in your body and in the world. Orange, Geranium- Rose, Frankincense and Clove essential oils were energetically chosen for this grounding blend.

Small batch blended with loving intention using the highest quality essential oils that have been third party tested. We only use stainless steel roller balls as they hold up better over time and they work beautifully with the oils. In each 5ml roller bottle you’ll find a few of the same crystals as the matching bracelet. This mingles the energy in an intentional way, and it’s just so fun.

We use organic coconut and grapeseed oil for carrier oils. We find that this blend is lovely for absorption and skin care. Each Chakra Oil comes with a sticker of it’s Sanskrit symbol to add a pop of color as the cherry on top finish.

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