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How YOU can bring JOY to the world

Send a surprise box from Bring Joy to Your Door to yourself or to the Loved One that you haven’t gotten to hug for months. Sparks of JOY lighting up the world!  Just wait until you see the gorgeous exclusive Infusion Jewelry aromatherapy bracelet and essential oil blend that’s featured in the September box!

Joy is vital for boosting our resilience and well-being. When you feel joyful, your whole body benefits- especially your heart and mind. Research shows that joyful people experience less chance of heart attack, lower cholesterol, decreased stress levels and longer lives.  You can’t give a better gift than JOY!

Bring Joy to Your Door surprise boxes make such a wonderful gift- for yourself or someone you treasure. Available for single purchase for yourself or as a gift to someone else or as a quarterly subscription. 

Bring Joy to Your Door isn't JUST an inspirational box of joyful surprise gifts, it's a Sisterhood with the simple mission to bring MORE JOY into the world.

The three life coaches of Own Your Joy were inspired to create these boxes as a new way to bring more joy to the world. We've been friends with one of these amazing coaches, Karen Cowperthwaite, for over 7 years so we know the beautiful authenticity of the coach's hearts.

What's in the box?? Each Themed Box Is Unique and includes: INSPIRATION A surprise box will be sent to your door at the start of the quarter, filled with soul-care tools and inspiring gifts related to the theme.  EMPOWERMENT An invitation to your online Master Class with the Own Your Joy coaches. It's built upon the box's personal growth theme. Attend live or watch the replay! SUPPORT You will receive "Grow Your Joy" communications that will continue to inspire and empower you around that quarter's theme. 

This limited production box of JOY contains hand selected gifts brought to you by women entrepreneurs with their own amazing stories of transformation. We're so grateful to be one of these women, and can't wait to share our story with you! Watch for our video interview soon! Order by Saturday August 15th to send JOY into your world. 

Only 3 days left to order!!

Yes, send JOY to my door!

Boxes will be shipped the first week of September. 

We are so grateful and honored to be a part of the Bring Joy to Your Door Sisterhood.

We'd love to welcome YOU in, too!

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