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Our Legacy and Intentions

I want to open up about what I’ve been going through over the past year, in the hopes that it might help one of you if you're going through tough times, too. It's hard to share, but it feels important. After a five-year decline from Parkinson’s and dementia, my sweetheart husband died on June 26th, 2019. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. We spent 22 years as best friends and he wrapped me in a kind of unconditional love and dedicated security I didn’t know existed before I met him.

I would never have created Infusion Jewelry essential oil bracelets if it weren't for my Sweetheart. He was a jewelry maker who loved bold Southwestern designs and turquoise. He also created unique Mahogany Seed Pod pendants from the seed pods he discovered on his walks in Naples, Florida. He taught me everything I needed to know about making bracelets. So, Infusion Jewelry carries on his jewelry legacy in a small way and that makes it so precious to me. I hope that does for you, too.

My grief has taught me to wrap my arms tightly and tenderly around myself. It’s been heart and soul crushing at times, but I have to say: I’m really proud of how I’ve been handling things, and taking every moment in stride. To move me through my grief, I went on soul nourishing road tips (pre- corona virus), visited my hometown in Wisconsin to heal childhood wounds, practiced being IN the Present Moment like never before, learned to ask for help (and actually accepted it), started painting intuitively, and spread my husband’s ashes in the ocean off the coast of Florida.

It's also inspired me to go deeper with the aromatherapy bracelets of Infusion Jewelry– because I’ve realized that nothing is more important than healing our hearts, nurturing ourselves and sharing the love that’s created along with way. And that's what this jewelry stands for: LOVE. It's because of love that I’m facing some of life’s most difficult challenges with a strength I didn’t know was possible... and I want that for you, too. We all go through pain that feels heavy and isolating sometimes. But you don't have to go through it alone. I want you to always know how important, sacred and loved you are in the Universe - no matter what you're going through, or how lonely, defeated or stressed you may feel sometimes. I've created Infusion Jewelry's aromatherapy bracelets to be potent and inspiring for you- to help you connect with yourself and the world in a beautiful, powerful and authentic way anchored in Love. These essential oil bracelets are a loving mindfulness tool that you can wear as a reminder of your intentions, how much you're loved and support you in creating peace among the chaos of daily life. You can also hold them in prayer, use in meditation, or lay on your body to balance your Chakras. We also offer custom, hand-blended high vibrational Chakra Oils to infuse your jewelry.

My sincerest Intentions for Infusion Jewelry's essential oil bracelets:

  • To remind you that you’re precious 

  • To remind you that you’re always part of the Divine

  • To inspire you to love yourself more deeply

  • To help you create peace among the chaos of life

  • To help you find strength when you need it most

  • To bring you comfort when you lose yourself in your pain

  • To open and balance your Chakras so you experience your Best Self and BE love in the world/

This is the legacy and love of Infusion Jewelry Oils & Gifts. Welcome to our blog, we're so glad you're here.

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