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New Moon Intentions with Essential Oils and Crystals

The Moon has been calling to me the past couple years. I've been curious about the phases of the Moon and how they affect me and the world for a long time. I feel so connected to Water that I knew the Moon was affecting my life and I've been hungry to learn more. I've been reading and exploring Instagram posts about the Moon phases.

It's really fun and surprising to see how things I'm going through align with the Moon phase. I bet you'd be surprised, too. One of the most noticeable patterns I have with the Moon is how little sleep I get leading up to a Full Moon. I'm full of energy all day and wide awake until the wee hours of the morning for a couple days before and even a day or two after a Full Moon. I'm still learning how to navigate and understand it all. There's so much to learn, it can feel overwhelming. I've just been taking it little bites at a time.

Have you noticed how the Moon affects you? Tell me about it in the comments, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles. It's when the Sun and Moon align, blocking out the Moon so it's dark. It's a powerful time to set Intentions, reflect on your life and do course corrections. Each Full or New Moon is in a different Zodiac Sign which helps us understand the energy and lessons that Moon phase is highlighting. Today, Thursday September 17, is a Super New Moon in Virgo. A Super Moon is when it's closest to the Earth so the energy is more intense and supportive if you heed it's guidance.

This Super New Moon is super juicy for editing our life, getting organized (clean out the closets??) and getting grounded. I created a simple graphic to make this Super New Moon in Virgo easy to understand.

I've been doing Moon Rituals and thought you might like to try it out, too. After doing some research and sitting in meditation, here's a simple ritual for this Super New Moon. The energy of this Super New Moon lingers so if you can't do it today, don't worry. It will still be powerful through the weekend. The point of Moon ritual is to take time to tune into yourself, ask a couple questions, decide what changes to make and set Intentions. Infusing these Intentions into your essential oil bracelet will help you remember them and keep them energized.

Super New Moon Intention Setting (aka Ritual) using Essential Oils and Infusion Jewelry

Gather the following:

Space that feels peaceful.

Journal and a pen.

Writing with green ink would add extra intention since Virgo is an Earth element.

Green crystal or bracelet with green crystals. Green Aventurine if you've got it.

Light a green candle and sit in front of it.

If you don't have green candle, just use whatever color your have handy. If you don't have a green crystal bracelet, a grounding crystal like Red Jasper or Onyx would vibe with this energy.

Grounding Essential Oil:

Infusion Jewelry's Root & Sacral Chakra Blend, Cypress, Patchouli, Frankincense, Orange, Bergamot or/and Tangerine.

Setting Intentions aka Doing the Ritual

Light the candle.

Hold the green crystal or bracelet while watching the flame on the candle.

Rub a couple drops of the Grounding essential oil you chose onto the bottoms of your feet and into your aromatherapy bracelet.

Breathe deeply and feel your feet or bottom Grounding into the floor.

Think about your physical body.

What can you do to improve your health? Eat healthier? Drink more water? More exercise? Get a massage? Need more quiet time?

Get quiet and listen for answers. No judgments or self criticism here, just be open to any answers or "knowings" that comes.

Then write down those answers in the journal. Using green ink is a bonus.

Now while holding or wearing your green crystal, schedule the answers you received into your calendar or journal. No matter how minor it may sound, add it to your calendar.

Taking action is key.

Example: If feel guided to exercise more, I'll add 30 minutes of movement into my calendar.

Ground your body again, imagining roots coming out of the bottom of your feet or your bottom and hips if you're seated going to the center of the Earth.

Breathe in the wisdom you've received from this Super New Moon.

Blow out the candle, ready to take grounded intentional action.

Add more Grounding oil to your bracelet every day to reactive your Intentions.

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