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Soul Compassion Tools

Soul Compassion and caring for myself are taking center stage of my life. These extra challenging times are teaching me how important it is to develop stronger and new ways to support for myself. I'm learning to Show Up for myself in deeper and more consistent ways. It's been humbling and eye-opening and I realize that I need help.

Of course I had to set an Intention for the best help to come to me. Every day as I infused oil into my essential oil bracelet I asked for help to care for my Soul and trusted that the Universe would deliver in Divine Right Timing.

So far, I've found two amazing and Soul nurturing resources. I'm sharing these today with the hope that either or both of these resources will help YOU to Show Up in more consistent and loving ways for yourself.

The first is a podcast called Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina. I love her gentle and soothing tone and cadence. Listening to her helps me cultivate a loving inner voice- which is richly valuable to me. She also talks about topics that are super relevant to me like adrenal fatigue, healing from co-dependency and how to manage my thoughts.

Today I'm sharing an episode about obsessive thinking as it was particularly supportive to my Soul this week. What stood to me in was how beautifully Victoria described how she first cared for herself after an intense situation and then reached out for emotional support. Take a listen, hopefully you'll find something helpful. https://victoriaalbina.com/coping-mechanisms-obsessive-thoughts/

The second is a incredibly helpful and beautiful journal prompt worksheet from Alexa Brand, psychotherapist, of Soul Compassion Coaching. It's called the Daily Self-Compassion Guide and It's smartly designed with poignant questions to shift from critical to compassionate thoughts of ourselves. It's helping me build consistency in tuning into myself, keeping promises to myself, finding fresh compassion for myself and processing my emotions.

It's my new favorite tool for self-care.

Follow this link to get your free download: https://mailchi.mp/soulcompassion/daily-sc-prompts

Also, be sure follow Alexa on Instagram @thealexabrand and check out her website: Soul Compassion

I very highly recommend that you download this Daily Self-Compassion Guide and use it for at least a couple weeks. It may feel really awkward and difficult first, do it anyway. No one else can do this work for you, but you CAN show up for yourself and learn to treat yourself with more compassion and care. I'm right here with here with you.

Take extra good care of yourself this weekend. Sending you Love.

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