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Tending to Our Hearts

My heart is aching today. A dear friend died last week. I can't find the words to properly honor her today, but I'm feeling the loss of her life deeply. Two close friends had to put their dogs to sleep this week.

My heart is hurting for everyone living with the aftermath of monster Hurricane Laura. In 1998 I lived in Big Pine Key, Florida, where Hurricane Georges made landfall. I can still clearly remember the awful stench, crushing humidity, the frustration of not having power for weeks and the financial toll of that hurricane. That hurricane changed the path of my life. I had to quit marine biology school and move out of Florida. I keep thinking of the thousands of people who losing their homes, changing their lives forever because of this hurricane. I know the fear and trauma that blows into your life- and how long it can stay.

My empathetic self wishes I could wave a magic wand and heal everyone's trauma and grief. I haven't been able to find a magic wand, though.

What I DO have essential oil bracelets, oils and EFT (aka Tapping) to help soothe and move through grief. These are pretty simple practices that take just a little bit of time and intention. I'm finding that even though my grief often feels dense taking a minute to shift my energy is soothing and helpful. Infusion Jewelry bracelets paired with calming essential oils are a balm to grief and stress.

Infusion Jewelry is much more than jewelry. It's a powerful energy-shifter and intention keeper. Your bracelet can be used for meditation and prayer, too. I've found myself just holding my bracelet and getting still, soaking in a couple moments of peace. Especially helpful on the days I have virtual school with my niece and nephew. If you're a parent, or Aunt or Grandma (or other connection) with kids in virtual school, my heart goes out to you. This is hard stuff on top of all the other hard stuff that's happening in our country. Taking care of ourselves in every small moment possible is critical.

Here's a couple of Facebook Lives where I show you a couple ways to use your bracelet to bring peace among the chaos of your life. It just takes a couple minutes.

I just laughed out loud when I noticed that I'm wearing the same shirt in both videos! haha! It's definitely a fav!

I also recommend this FB Live from Brad Yates who is one of my favorite EFT (Tapping) teachers. This Tapping session is for Tapping through Loss and Grief and I found it very helpful. I recommend using your favorite calming essential oil on your fingers when you Tap. Lavender, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and/or Frankincense would be wonderful choices.

I hope that this long Labor Day weekend will give you some time to decompress, laugh, rest and ground yourself. I hope these videos help you to care for yourself more and more often.... every energy shift and deep breath counts.

Tender to your heart, dear ones.

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