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What my cucumber plant taught me...

I grew a tiny container garden this spring and summer on the patio of my condo. It was my first garden in about 12 years. When March brought COVID19, self-quarantines, questions and fears my soul needed to be an active part of hope. Gardening was just the thing. I wanted to see if I could grow some of my own food and what it would feel like to be a gardener. It turned out to be a pretty profound experience.

My spring container garden had herbs, 2 broccoli plants and 2 cucumber plants. It was a bit too late to have planted the broccoli and a couple months too early for the cukes. Opps. Watching them grow from baby plants brought me so much joy!  

The first deep lesson my cucumber plants taught me was how to reach out in faith for help. I see so many parallels to my life in those cucumber plants! And to Infusion Jewelry’s aromatherapy bracelets. I’ll share the second lesson in a couple weeks. 

In May my cucumber plants had grown tall and wild. It was such a joy to watch the new growth and blossoming yellow flowers. Those were simple and sweet mornings, before the summer heat settled in. I’d watch the bees and thank them for pollinating my garden, and gardens everywhere. I feel so connected to Mother Earth and Father God in my garden. 

One morning I noticed that a cucumber tendril had wrapped itself tightly around the tomato cage for support. A profound lesson washed over me. I realized that the nature of a cucumber plant is to reach out blindly for support. 

In that moment I was flooded with thoughts about how hard it is for me to reach out and how much I doubt that the “right” support will be there... and whether that support will be strong enough. Am I worthy of being supported? 

Tosha Silver’s Change Me Prayers came to my mind (I’ve been reading her book It’s Not Your Money)... so I prayed, out in my garden standing in front of my cucumber plant. Then I felt led to share it on my Instagram. 

A few minutes later, best-selling author Tosha Silver, herself, commented, “Wow can I tell u how gorgeous this is?” *squeeeeee!!*

It felt like an acknowledgement and answer to my prayer. A confirmation that when I reach out, support will indeed be there. I continued to meditate on this for a couple days- and still mentally chew on it. I realized that the cucumber plant just naturally reached out its tendril, a hand so to speak, and grabbed what was solid and close. That happened to be the tomato cage for that 1 tendril.

I noticed, though, that many other tendrils were wrapped tightly around the vines. Ahhhh... cucumber plants know how to support themselves. A lightbulb moment.  

Supporting myself is something that I’ve been practicing, too. Learning to trust myself without my husband's love and support. Getting used to my own Inner Voice, that Holy Voice within me. Anchoring into my Sacred Self. Feeling Grounded in my body. Taking care of myself in deeply nurturing ways like painting, writing in my journal, sleeping as much as I need to and stretching out my hips.

I started reaching out in faith to the stronger parts of me, my Holy Sacred core, to help me grow to produce new “fruit” and reach new heights. 

I think about this cucumber plant life lesson often when I look at my essential oil bracelet of the day. Feeling my bracelet on my wrist or catching a glimpse of it as I’m moving through the day reminds me to check in with myself and reach out for help. I pause and ask myself: What kind of help to do I need in this moment? A few deep grounding breaths? A walk outside or some stretching? A Divine hug? Gratitude to shift my attitude? A connection to a friend? A glass of water? A funny meme? To remember how loved I am?

My Infusion Jewelry cues me to care for myself, to show up for myself and to love myself. 

Do your essential oil bracelets do this for you? I sincerely hope so.... My heart hopes that this lesson from cucumber plant inspires a deeper connection to YOUR Sacred Self.  

Deep bow of gratitude to my cucumber plant, may it rest in peace. 

Did you plant a garden this season? Was it the first time, or the first time in a long time since you grew plants to eat? What did your garden teach you? I’d love to hear about your garden, share in the comments below. 

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